Do The Potential Side Effects of Nootropics Make Them Worth The Risk?

A simple pill that allows you to take full advantage of your brain capacity? This is the stuff of science fiction. However with the new TV show Limitless rapidly gaining popularity in the mainstream media, people are obsessed with making the dream pill a reality.

Thus is born the market of Nootropics, a pill or supplement that makes you smarter for the day. It’s driving people on Reddit crazy, and people in Silicon Valley even crazier as they look for any edge they can muster to get ahead. But the real question now is whether Nootropics are science, or still science-fiction?


Sites like Brain Wiz use their Blogspot and Rebel Mouse profiles to disseminate the latest information on the smart drug phenomena. What are they saying? Well, it’s not as exciting as you would hope.

smart drugs

The effects seen in the movies and TV shows are naturally way off the mark. There is no magic pill that will suddenly make you recall every word of the 400 page book that you read in the third grade. Maybe that information does still exist in your mind – but a pill is not going to help you dig it out.

Though there is no silver bullet Nootropic, there are supplements that increase intelligence and cognitive abilities for a period of time. You’re not going to be a genius (unless you were one already), but you will be more alert and focused. The up side? Some of these supplements may actually be good for you long term as well – so though the effects may wear off today, if you keep up with the regiment, your mind will improve over time.

pill formula

The one thing that people agree on? That these pills have not perfected the formula. Thus you will see a lot of people engaging in stacking, or using multiple smart drugs in sequence to optimize their effect. Be careful when engaging in this practice though, because the side effects are multiplied as the number of supplements being used increases.

Our recommendation is to give it a try – but be careful, and do your research. Some of these Nootropics come with serious side effects. However if you find the right brand and dosage, Nootropics might be the thing that increases your capacity and performance.